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Golden Introduce Online Free Virtual Paint Mixer


Through exploration and play, artists can mix countless paint colors, developing a feel for the correct proportions and the best colors to use. Photos can be uploaded to match colors and create palettes. The program accounts for the physical characteristics within GOLDEN colors so artists can get closer to the colors they want faster than ever before, saving time, frustration and paint! Artists who try this intuitive tool experience success, delight and inspiration.

Once registered, users can print, e-mail and save reports with formulas and colors needed to guide purchases and direct them to nearby retailers. Users will also be able to share colors and mixes via Facebook and other social media vehicles. The mixer allows artists to choose palettes from the Fluid, OPEN and Heavy Body Acrylic product lines as well as from our Color Mixing Sets.

This tool is written to work on any browser, Mac, PC, iPad or Android. The interface was designed to work on touch screens so artists can use it on tablets right at their canvas.

Let's get started at www.goldenpaints.com/products/mixer