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SLI American Traditional Heavy Weight Bars


Simon Liu, Inc. highly hand-crafted American Traditional Stretchers are made in solid basswood in Tongue & Groove L-Shape construction.  It features keyed double finger miter joints for the corners and keyed mortise and tenon joints for the crossbars.  Crossbars overlap when the stretchers require two or more crossbars. 

Heavy Duty Profile:
1-1/2" thick x 3" bar width.  Deep profile provides approximately 3/4" clearance between the canvas and the perimeter's body.


Because of the overlap joints, crossbar configuration must be specified when ordering crossbars.  Configurations include: Single Crossbar, Top Crossbar, and Bottom Crossbar.

Crossbar Requirment:

Stretcher Bar Length
Required Crossbar
10" - 35"
0 Crossbar Required
36" - 65"
1 Crossbar on Each Length
66" - 96"
2 Crossbars on Each Length

Crossbar Configuration:

Stretcher Crossbar Crossbar Configuration
5 Members Stretcher 1 Single Crossbar
6 Members Stretcher 1 Top & 1 Bottom Crossbars
Unusual 6 Members Stretcher 2 Single Crossbars
7 Members Stretcher 1 Top & 2 Bottom Crossbars
8 Members Stretcher 2 Top & 2 Bottom Crossbars

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