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Write & share reviews and receive DISCOUNT COUPONS

Your written reviews help other customers make purchase decisions. It is our pleasure to offer different discount coupon on each published or shared review.

Write a review receive 10% off your next order Share a review on Facebook or Twitter receive 5% off your next order Write & Share a review receive 15% off your next order

To write a review:
1) A review request email will be sent to you 14 days after purchase
2) Complete the review within the review request email
3) A coupon will be sent via email once review is approved and published
4) Any reviews contain offending commands and / or inappropriate languages will not be approved
5) If you purchase more than 3 items, maximum 3 review request emails will be sent

To share a review
1) Visit Simon's Art Supplies Facebook page and share the review.

Coupon restriction
* This coupon cannot be combined with other offers