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Lascaux Acrylic Sizing:
Conservator-grade sizing for canvas, wood and other supports. Made from a pure acrylic emulsion modified with special protective agents and biocides, which make it elastic, resistant to aging and pH balanced. Because it is impervious to moisture, it combats support expansion and contraction due to humidity changes.

Lascaux White Gesso:
This semi-absorbent primer is for canvas painters seeking an oil ground feel in an acrylic primmer. Extremely high pigment content and adhesion for maximum coverage and permanence. Excellent for oil, acrylic and tempera painting. Same archival characteristics as Lascaux Primer with additional tooth and absorbency.

Lascaux White Primer:
Lascaux Primer provides a smooth, slightly absorbent painting surface on most support. Ideal for both acrylics and oil paint. Flexible and age-resistant. Water thinnable.

Lascaux White Uni-Primer:
Primer for rigid, non-absorbent supports, especially fiber cement, iron and non-ferrous metals as well as absorbent supports in the exterior (murals). Elastic, age-resistant. Water thinnable.

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