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Lascaux Gouache


Quite simply, these are the premier professional artists' quality acrylic paints. Lascaux Artist Acrylics have a pigment load, texture and feel normally reserved for oil paints. All colors dry to a uniformly matte satin-sheen. Never sticky. With a smooth, rich and buttery feel. Compatible with all Lascaux painting system colors and mediums. Extraordinarily lightfast and resistant to aging, suitable for exterior use. Archival. Colors do not oxidize, shrink, yellow or crack. Hand-painted labels accurately show paint color.

Available in 45 ml.

Health & Safety: Some colors contain cadmium, a chemical known to the State of California to cause cancer by means of inhalation.  Do not spray apply.

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Lascaux Gouache

Due to inherent differences in computer monitors, colors displayed on this page may not accurately represent the actual color.