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Old Holland Classic Oil Color


Only pure cold-pressed linseed oil is used, and all colours are free of low quality binders and artificial driers. All 168 colours are lightfast, and each tube is labeled with a hand-painted strip of the colour which is a unique feature to Old Holland. The pigments used are the highest quality available and all traditional non-lightfast ones have been replaced with superior modern lightfast ones. The colour making is done by hand, and pigments are stone ground rather than using metal rollers. Believed by many to be the ultimate professional oil colour, Old Holland is known for its very heavily pigmented colours and unsurpassed quality, and artists will notice the difference in its high concentration from other brands. It has excellent covering power, incredible intensity of colour, and a thick consistency, which works exceptionally well for impasto.

Available in 40, 60, 125, 225 and 475 ml.

Health & Safety: Some colors contain a chemical, lead and/or cadmium known to the State of California to cause cancer by means of contact, swallow and/or inhalation.  Do not spray apply colors contain cadmium and lead.

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