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Lefranc & Bourgeois Extra Fine Artists' Oil Color


Lefranc Extra-Fine Artists’ Oil colors are a range of extra fine and highly pigmented oil colors with excellent coloring power and remarkably intense tints. All colors of this extensive range are the fruit of long and dedicated research into the highest quality of mineral and organic pigments. The range offers a balanced palette including opaque, transparent and semi-transparent colors. Most of the colors are based on only one or two pigments, have an exceptional lightfastness rating, and all the colors can be mixed together. The pigments are ground very fine on three-roller mills. Founder of the industry of fine arts, Lefranc has a longstanding relation with artists – Lefranc created the colors of the impressionists, and was the choice of Picasso, Kandisky and many others.

Available in 40 ml.

Health & Safety: Some colors contain a chemical and/or cadmium known to the State of California to cause cancer by means of swallow and/or inhalation.  Do not spray apply colors contain cadmium.

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